Make Carbs Work for You

Make Carbs Work for You

The boogie man, screenshotting a text and sending it back to the same person, realizing your mom just got home and you forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer to defrost, and carbs. The first three should be scary, carbs shouldn’t be. What most dieters see as kryptonite, my clients see as a secret weapon. Here’s a breakdown of when to eat different kinds of carbs and be able to use them to your advantage.

Fruits – Fruits are best eaten directly prior to a workout. The sugar and the immediate bio-availability of fruits makes them a great choice to boost a workout without the jitters, heart attacks, and itchy skin from a frankenstein pre-workout sold at GNC. Fruits are also handy for knocking out a sweet tooth. Yes, I’m aware that an apple will never taste as good as the brownie you’ve been craving, but it will satisfy a sugar craving.

Starchy Carbs – Use rice, potato, lentils, oats, and other starchy carbs to refuel post-workout. These types of carbs will help replenish glycogen stores used during a workout. Eating these carbs exclusively post-workout will make them scarce enough that your body will adapt to using them right away to replenish the areas you just worked. In meathead speak: GAINZ.

Vegetables – Is there ever a wrong time for vegetables? Unless you’re getting ready for a body-budiling show, there’s virtually no reason to put a cap on the amount of vegetables you’re consuming. There’s a reason why you’ve never heard of a “broccoli belly”.

Sweets – Even things like donuts and sugary cereals have their time and place. If you’re unsure how to incorporate cheat meals, make sure you read my blog “Cheat Meal Tips”. These types of carbs can be used to your advantage when mixed in with intention. A sweet treat before a workout can assist in a crazy pump and an energy boost. Of course, eating these foods isn’t ideal, but they can be enjoyed in moderation. The more important thing is when NOT to eat these foods. Avoid relying on sweets to cope, when stressed, when emotional, or on impulse.

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