Easy Grocery Substitutions

Easy Grocery Substitutions

Quick & easy ways to eat healthier without sacrificing time, money, or taste!

Quick and easy fixes may be few and far between when it comes to fitness but I do have a couple tricks up my sleeve. I have compiled a list of substitutions that will get you eating healthier without spending more time in the kitchen, spending more money, nor insulting your tastebuds. 

In: Monk Fruit Sweetener

What is it?: Monk Fruit Sweetener is a natural sweetener made by concentrating Monk Fruit (also known as Bhudda Fruit) juice.

Why is it better?: Monk Fruit Sweetener has zero calories and zero glycemic index; meaning it will not cause a spike in blood sugar. It is sweeter in taste than traditional sugar and can be substituted when baking, cooking, or when sweetening drinks like coffee or green smoothies.

Where to get it?: Monk Fruit Sweetener can be found at almost any grocery store. My go-to brand is Lakanto.

In: Collagen Peptide Protein
Out: Whey Protein

What is it?: Collagen Peptides are a  highly bioavailable form of amino acids.Why is it better?: Whey has been, and is, the king of proteins when it comes to building and maintaining muscle. However, it is also notorious for being chalky, tasting questionable, and causing digestive issues like the ever-famous “protein farts.” Collagen Peptide proteins eliminate those issues. They are virtually tasteless and textureless. Collagen Peptides can be hidden in coffee, oatmeal, when baking and other places where whey protein powders could not. As a bonus, collagen peptides gives the benefit of healthier hair, skin and nails.

Where to get it?: http://bit.ly/2ExvfNO and use my code: TROPHY for 20% off

In: Liquid Amino Acids
Out: Soy Sauce

What is it?: Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein – this is their liquid form.Why is it better?: First and most obvious, Liquid Amino Acids are just that, Amino acids (the building blocks of protein). They have 0 calories, less sodium, and can replace soy sauce in any of its normal applications.

Where to get it?: You can find Liquid Amino Acids in most grocery stores. Bragg is my go-to and most-available brand.

In: Super Green Powders
Out: Veggies

What is it?: Super Green Powders are typically a combination of fruits and vegetables that have been dried and ground into powder.

Why is it better?: First, nothing is better than eating whole vegetables. However, super green powders are a practical and easy way to ensure you’re getting enough veggies. Vegetables are typically the first to spoil, often stink up the house when being prepared, and least enjoyable to eat. Super Green Powders offer a solution to all of the aforementioned issues.

Where to get it?: http://bit.ly/2S54Wq4 and use my code: TROPHY to save 20%

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